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15-16 November, 2017. St. Petersburg State Musical Theatre“Art” in Baku.

15-16 November, 2017

St. Petersburg State Musical Theatre“Art” in Baku.

 On 15-16 November, 2017, with the support of the ROSSOTRUDNICHESTVO office (organization in the Russian Federation for relations with compatriots living abroad and international humanitarian cooperation) in Azerbaijan, the Union of Theatre Workers, there were presented the performances “Petersburg Apartments” (Fedor Koni) and “Farewell, compere!”(Grigoriy Gorin) of “Art”St. Petersburg State Musical Theatre.

The director of the performances is Honoured Artist of Russia Alexander Isakov, composer is Viktor Pleshak, production designer is Tatyana Malkova. The performances were held on the main stage of the Union of Theatre Workers.

Actors of the “Art”Theatre, organized from graduates of the Russian State Institute of Theatre Arts, are students of the head of the department of the Institute, associate professor Alexander Isakov. Created in 2015, the “Art”Theatre in the same year became the winner of the Chamber Theatre Festival in Vratsa, Bulgaria.

The performances “Petersburg Apartments” and “Farewell, Compere!”, prepared by the collective, whose repertoire, mainly consisting of works by Russian and foreign playwrights, were met with interest by Azerbaijani viewers.