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8 July, 2017. Statement

8 July, 2017


 The Union of Theatre Workers of Azerbaijan and the country’s theatre association made a statement to the world community, in which they expressed their negative attitude to the shelling by the Armenian armed forces of the civilian population living in the village of Alkhanly of the Fizuli region of Azerbaijan.

Armenia, which seeks to occupy Azerbaijani lands, constantly threatens their inhabitants, mainly old people, women and children. On 4 July, 2017, the world community again witnessed atrocities of Armenians. The shelling of the village of Alkhanly in the Fizuli region, where there are no military units, is a vivid example of the aggressive policy of Armenia. A 50-year-old Sahiba Allahverdiyeva, a resident of Alkhanly village, and her 18-month-old granddaughter of Zahra Guliyeva, were also killed in the explosion of a shell dropped by the armed forces of Armenia, and 52-year-old Selminaz Guliyeva was seriously injured. The tragic death of the only child of the family, Zahra Elnur gizi Guliyeva caused a wide response not only in Azerbaijan, but throughout the world.

The Union of Theatre Workers of Azerbaijan and the theatre community of the country appeal to all the most influential structures of the world, politicians and cultural figures to condemn this heinous act of terrorist Armenia.

We believe that the United Nations, the Council of Europe and other well-known organizations will express their attitude to this atrocity of Armenia and take tough measures against this cruelty of terrorist Armenia, which threatens the lives of civilians, destroys our compatriots, violates human rights and leads to the death of many citizens.