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29 September, 2014. Mustafa Mardanov - 120

29 September, 2014

Mustafa Mardanov - 120.

On 29 September, 2014, the Union of Theatre Workers of Azerbaijan held the 120thanniversary of Mustafa Mardanov, an outstanding figure of theatre and cinema, and the opening of the scene by Mustafa Mardanov in the Zafar Theatre Studio. At this stage, the master of “My Memories”, “My Contemporaries” play was shown.

The roles were acted by People’s Artist, Rafig Azimov and People’s Artist, State Prize laureate,Haji Ismayilov.

Mustafa Mardanov was born in Tiflis in 1894. The actor, who lived for 74 years, devoted more than half a century to the development of national theatre and cinema.

The characters he created, such as Khlestakov in the “Inspector” by N. Gogol, Malvolio in the “Twelfth Night” by W. Shakespeare, Molla Hamid in the “Molla Ibrahimkhalil Alchemist”, Haji Gara in “Haji Gara” by M.F. Akhundzada, Luka in “The Lower Depths” of M. Gorky, Atakishi in “Sevil”, Donmez in “The Bride of Fire”, Niyaz in “Yashar”, Imamverdi in “In 1905”, Abdul in “The Hallowed Flowers” ​​by J. Jabbarly and others and today are not forgotten. As in the theatre, M. Mardanov and in the cinema created interesting and memorable characters.

Even today, viewers watch films with his love and adore his characters, such as Gulu in “Bismillah”, Karemali in “Haji Gara”, Ahmad in “Latif”, Sheikh in “Sabuhi”, Eser in “Baku people”, Menshevik in “26 Baku Commissars”, Tahmas in “Peasants”, Murtuz Murtuzov in “In the Name of the Law”, Intelligent Hasan in “If Not That, So This”.

  1. Mardanov was not only an outstanding actor, but a writer and translator. His translations and works “My Contemporaries” and “My Memories”, which he wrote about theatre professionals, are still valuable sources for the history of national theatre.

When M. Mardanovhe was chairman of the Azerbaijan Theatre Society, he and his close friend Zafar Nematov were able to build a new building, which today houses the Union of Theatre Workers. Theatre professionals always remember their merits with gratitude.

Famous actor Mustafa Mardanov died in 1968.

The next day, 30 September, on the stage of Mustafa Mardanov, there was shown a performance “Old Men-Robbers”, which was staged by Honoured Artist,Nofel Veliyev, based on the play by Elchin Huseynbeyli. This performance was staged at the director’s laboratory of the Union of Theatre Workers. The head of the laboratory is People’s Artist, Jannat Salimova.

Kerem Hadizadeh played the role of Mammad, BahruzVagifoglu - Yusif and Masuma Babayev played the role of Maryam.