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24 November, 2014. Malik Dadashov - 90

24 November, 2014

Malik Dadashov - 90.

On 24 November, 2014, the Union of Theatre Workers of Azerbaijan held an event dedicated to the 90thanniversary of the outstanding theatre and film actor, People’s Artist, State Prize Laureate, Melik Dadashov.

Melik Dadashov was a brilliant performer of tragic, funny and dramatic characters, such as the prince of Byzantine, Shiruya, Shapur in “Farhad and Shirin”, Kurd Musa, Ghajar in “Vagif”, Agshin, Elkhan in “Bride of Fire”, Aram, in “In 1905” of J. Jabbarli, Ali in the“Brothers”of R. Rza, Yusif Shafi in the “Mother’s Heart” of I. Safarli, Mazar Bey and Nariman Narimanov in “The Burning Campfires” of M. Ibrahimov, Aslan in “After the Rain” of B.Vahabzade, Tarlan in “Without You” of Shamil Gurbanov, Ziyad Shakhsuvarov in “The Family of Atayevs” of I. Efendiyev and others.

Yago in Shakespeare’s “Othello”, Macbeth in “Macbeth”, Prospero in “The Tempest”, Karenin in the “Living Dead” by L. Tolstoy, Sergo in “Sheikh Sanan” by H. Javid, Sheikh Ahmed in “The Dead People” by J. Mamedguluzade and other characters are bright pages of the history of our national theatre.

An outstanding actor created interesting characters on the stage of the Russian Drama Theatre. Among them, Agahuseyn in the “Crystal Palace” by I. Efendiyev, Mendel Creek in “Sunset” by B. Isaak, Javid Efendi in the “Day of Murder” by Y. Samadoglu.

Melik Dadashov created a world of interesting and memorable characters both in the cinema and in the theatre. Nazif in “Two guys from one street”, Molla Sadig in “Violent Kura”, English spy in “Battle in the mountains”, General Mehmandarov in “Stars do not extinguish”, Meshedi Azizbayov in “26 Baku commissars”, Nariman Narimanov in “In midnight on day after tomorrow”, Gamlo in“ Last Pass ”, Sheikh Nasrullah in“Hello from the other world”, Officer in“Shooting is postponed”, Aram in“Scream”and other characters testify to the rich and comprehensive talent of the actor.

The actor was awarded the State Prize for the film “At Midnight on The Day After Tomorrow” (26 May, 1986). On 24 May, 1960, he was awarded the honorary title “Honoured Artist of the Republic”, on 1 June, 1974 the title “People’s Artist” for his contribution to the development of national theatre and cinema.

The event was opened by the Deputy Chairman of the Union of Theatre Workers, People’s Artist - Haji Ismayilov and told about the artist. The following speakers, People’s Artists - Rafig Azimov, Agakishi Kazimov, ZarnigarAgakishiyeva, Merahim Farzalibeyov, Honored Figure of Arts, Doctor of Arts, Professor -  Maryam Alizade and others told about the work and personal qualities of Melik Dadashov. On behalf of his family, the son of the artist, People’s Artist - Rafael Dadashov expressed gratitude for the event.