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15 September, 2014. Mansur Mansurov - 70

15 September, 2014

Mansur Mansurov - 70.

On 15 September, 2014, a meeting devoted to the 70thanniversary of the actor of the State Puppet Theatre, Honoured Artist, Mansur Mansurov was held in the Union of Theatre Workers.

Mansur Abdul oglu Mansurov was born on 13 August, 1944 in Baku. After graduating from the Azerbaijan State Cultural and Educational College since 1970, he connected his life with the Azerbaijan State Puppet Theatre and created different and colorful characters.

Mansur Mansurov played the role of Mashadi Ibad in the play “Mashadi Ibad” by U. Hajibeyov, Musyo Jordan in “Dervish Blowing Up Paris”, Veli in “Bear strikes robbers”, Wicked in “Rahman’s Tale” by Rahman Rahmanov, differentroles in “Garavelli” by Anar, Evil in “The Magic Mirror” by S. Huseynov, the Bodyguard in “Naughty Kids” by R. Alizade, the Mouse in “Tig-Tig Khanum” by A. Shaig, the Fox in “Good Support” and other roles that became favorites little viewers.

And today Mansur Mansurov plays roles in some performances with the same youthful enthusiasm.

Mansur Mansurov was awarded the honorary title “Honored Artist of the Republic of Azerbaijan” in 2012 for his contribution to the development of the Puppet Theatre.

Chairman of the Union of Theatre Workers, People’s Artist, Professor, Azer Pasha Nematov opened the event, held at the tea table, and spoke about the work of the hero of the day.

General manager of the theatre - R. Ahmedzade, Chief Director - Gurban Masimov, People’s Artists - H. Ismayilov, R. Azimov, Honoured Artist - R. Rahmanov, painter -  L. Guluzade and others spoke about the creative path of the hero of the day.

Chairman of the Union of Theatre Workers, Azer Pasha Nematov, presented the honorary diploma to the hero of the day.

At the end of the event, M. Mansurov and his daughter S. Mansurova expressed their gratitude to the Chairman of the Union, Azer Pasha Nematov, for their attention and care.