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29 October, 2018. The event “Sergey Yesenin and Azerbaijan”

29 October, 2018

The event “Sergey Yesenin and Azerbaijan”.

On 29 October, 2018, the Knowledge Foundation under the President of the Azerbaijan Republic, the Union of Theatre Workers of Azerbaijan and the Creative Foundation of Azerbaijan organized an event called “Yesenin and Azerbaijan” dedicated to the life and works of the outstanding Russian poet Sergey Yesenin.

The event was attended by prominent artists, representatives of intellectuals and the media.

The head of the Creative Foundation, Honored Artist, Ph.D. in Art Studies Rafik Kashanly spoke in detail about the work of Sergei Yesenin and acquainted those present with his rich literary world.

Then the poet Alina Talybova, actress Elmira Idayatova with great enthusiasm read the poems of Sergei Yesenin. The poem of the Honoured Artist, poet Nazir Rustamov, dedicated to Sergey Yesenin, was greeted with applause. The poetic performance of Vera Velikanova accompanied by music was especially interesting. The participants received great pleasure from the poetic evening and left the event with a pleasant impression.