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5 October, 2015. Majnun Hajibeyov - 80

5 October, 2015

Majnun Hajibeyov - 80.

On 5 October, 2015, with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan Republic, the Union of Theatre Workers of Azerbaijan and the Azerbaijan State Academic National Drama Theatre on the stage of Mustafa Mardanov of the Union of Theatre Workers, there was held an 80thanniversary event, dedicated to Honoured Artist of Azerbaijan Majnun Hajibeyov.

The leader of the event, People’s Artist, Haji Ismayilov, spoke about the works of Majnun Hajibeyov and gave the floor to the participants of the event.

The head of the arts department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ismayil Huseynov, presented the Honorary Diploma of the Ministry and wished the hero of the day good luck. Chairman of the Union of Theatre Workers of Azerbaijan, People’s Artist - Azer Pasha Nematov congratulated Majnun Hajibeyov and awarded him the “Master” medal.

People’s Artists - Agakishi Kazimov, Fuad Poladov, Ilham Namig Kamal, Maleyka Asadova, Saida Guliyeva, Agakhan Salmanly, Head of Forum of Non-Governmental Organizations - Rauf Zeyni, actors of National Drama Theatre, Honoured Artists - Elshan Jabrayilov, Shalala Shahveledgyzy, actor of Puppet Theatre, Honoured - Artist Rahman Rahmanov, folklore mugam master, Honoured Artist - Teyyub Aslanov congratulated the actor.

Fragments of recordings of performances, where Majnun Hajibeyov acted, were demonstrated at the event. In conclusion, Majnun Hajibeyov expressed deep gratitude to the organizers of the event.

Majun Hajibeyov was born on 5 October, 1935 in Guba. Having a great interest in acting since childhood, M. Hajibeyov graduated from the acting faculty of the Azerbaijan State Institute of Arts in 1965.

Actor, remembered by the characters created on the stage of the National Dramatic Theatre in the performances “The Governor and His Daughter” (I. Efendiyev), “Do not Believe Men” (A. Safronov), “Winds” (S. Rahman), “Dead People” (J. Mammadguluzade), “The Sword and the Pen” (M.S. Ordubadi), “Gold” (Y. Onil), “The Lucky Peolpe” (S. Rahman), “After the Rain” (B. Vahabzade), also played in such films and TV dramas like “The Atayev Family”, “Teen Wolf”, “My Fault”, “One Thousand First Word”, “Formers”, “New Adventures of Formers”, “Tale of Sarykoynek and Valeh”, “Sweet Nightingale”,  “Just Married”, “The Adventure of Youth”, “Eye Doctor”, “Sanatorium of Laughter”, “Men”, “In the train”“Gezelkhan”, “Half Staff”.

Having lived a rich, meaningful creative life, the artist is going through a period of great old age. Majnun Hajibeyov, who now lives in the Guba region, where he was born, in his every speech talks about his infinite love of art.