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11-14 March, 2015. Mini festival “Our theatre -2”.

11-14 March, 2015

Mini festival “Our theatre -2”.

In the direction of fulfilling the tasks outlined in the Order of the President of Azerbaijan Republic, dated 26 January, 2015, the Union of Theatre Workers, in conjunction with the Baku Children’s Theatre, held a mini-festival “Our Theatre-2” on 11-14 March, 2015on Mustafa Mardanov stage of Theatre Studio“Zafar”.

At this festival, four performances were shown, contributing to the intellectual, physical and spiritual development of young people in the social, economic, political and cultural life of the country:


11 March, 2015


“A Game”

Author: Elchin Huseynbeyli

Director: Rashad Nuri

Actors: Niyaz Gasimov, Kenul Shahbazova


12 March, 2015


“If I were a poor man” (photo)

Posted by: Tunjer Jujenoglu

Director: Ilham Ahmadov

Actors: Shahin Kazymov, Kamala Mustafayeva



13 March, 2015


“Hug Me” (photo)

Author: Arzu Soltan

Director: Intigam Soltan

Actors: Vusala Bashirova, Ruslan Adygozalov


14 March, 2015


“Motherland” (photo)

Director: Intigam Soltan, Ayshad Mammadov

Idea: Intigam Soltan

Actors: Niyaz Gasimov, Javanshir Maharramov, Rauf Huseynli



Closing of the festival –14 March, 2015, at 19.30.