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September 6, 2021. Visit to the cemetery on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of People's Artists Yashar Nuri and the birthday of Sayavush Aslan

6 September, 2021

Visit to the cemetery on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of People's Artists Yashar Nuri and the birthday of Sayavush Aslan

On September 6, 2021, organized by the Union of Theater Workers of Azerbaijan and the Academic National Drama Theater, well-known artists and media workers visited the graves of artists on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of People's Artist Yashar Nuri and the birthday of Sayavush Aslan.

The participants of the visit remembered the actors with fondness and said that they would always cherish their shared memories. First, the grave of Yashar Nuri was visited. Speaking at the ceremony, People's Artist, State Prize Laureate Haji Ismayilov spoke about the life and work of the unforgettable artist, his contribution to the development of our culture. "Yashar Nuri and I performed together in theater. We were friends. Everyone wanted to be friends with him, " Ismayilov said. He noted that the bright memory of the outstanding artist will always live in the memory of the Azerbaijani audience, and as long as we have a culture, Yashar Nuri will always be remembered.


Well-known actor, People's Artist Rafig Azimov said, “Yashar Nuri had established himself as a professional actor in the field of theater and cinema. He played so skillfully in "Silva" (by the Hungarian composer Imre Kalman) that no one else could repeat it on stage. "

People's Artists Nureddin Mehdikhanli and Ali Nur, who often shared the stage with Yashar Nuri, spoke about their memories of him.

N.Mehdikhanli spoke about the high moral qualities of Yashar Nuri: “I knew Yashar as a person who pays attention and cares for everyone. Yashar had a claim, to prove himself in art and to show that he is a great actor. For this reason, it is impossible to forget Yashar Nuri. Every time the audience sees him on the screen, a smile appears on their faces. I wish all our actors the fate of Yashar Nuri. Because Yashar has a very successful artistic destiny. He performed the most beautiful performances, and in return he was highly appreciated by the public. "

Recalling his student days, Ali Nur said that Yashar Nuri was a lucky man. While still a student, he was loved by his friends and teachers, and later won the love of the whole nation. God gave him all the qualities to become a professional and memorable actor.

At the end, Rahima, the wife of the deceased, thanked for the respect shown to the memory of Yashar Nuri.

Then, artists and media representatives visited the grave of People's Artist Sayavush Aslan. Speakers - People's Artists Haji Ismayilov, Rafig Azimov and others talked about the rich creative path of the actor, spoke about the roles he played, as well as shared their memories of the artist.