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14 December, 2019. Presentation of the film "Hearth" in the framework of the project "Preserve our national and moral values!"

14 December, 2019

Presentation of the film "Hearth" in the framework of the project "Preserve our national and moral values!"

On December 14, with the financial support of the Youth Foundation under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Public Association "Modern Youth Network" held an event entitled "Preserve our national and moral values!" in the Union of Theater Workers of Azerbaijan and the Azerbaijani University of Tourism and Management.

The short film “Hearth”, shot within the framework of the project, was created using the sand painting technique and retells the legend of Yanardag on behalf of the characters of a mother and a child.

The event was attended by the representatives of the Yanardag State Historical, Cultural and Natural Reserve under the State Tourism Agency, teachers and students of the Azerbaijani University of Tourism and Management, members of youth organizations and local youth.

According to the legend shown in the film, people plunged into darkness have fought the dark forces from the beginning of the times and in the end, their heroic way of uniting around the “mountain flame that shines like the sun” allows people to win the eternal struggle with evil forces.

According to the project manager Hasan Hasanli, the main goal of the 12th grant competition announced by the Youth Foundation is to preserve our cultural heritage, increase youth’s interest in ancient historical and cultural monuments and motivate them to explore the possibility of using these monuments in the sphere of international tourism. Thus, the organizers hope to contribute to the promotion of cultural and historical values ​​of Azerbaijan at the local and international levels and the implementation of the country's policy regarding youth.

The film was made by:

Screenwriter and director Orkhan Mukhtarli, cameraman Tarlan Tagiyev, installer Vusal Farmanov, sand artist Lala Huseynzade, actress Nigar Khasanzade (as the main character) and Ayla Hajiyeva (as the little girl).