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10 March, 2017. 10  March - National Theatre Day

10 March, 2017

10  March - National Theatre Day.

On 10 March, 2017, on the occasion of the National Theatre Day, an event was organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Azerbaijan Republic and the Union of Theatre Workers. The event was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Union of Theatre Workers, prominent artists, intellectuals and media. A photo exhibition and a video clip on the development of the Azerbaijan Theatre were demonstrated at the event.

The event was opened by the Chairman of the Union of Theatre Workers, Azer Pasha Nematov, congratulated the participants on the National Theatre Day and delivered a speech to the Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan, Adalat Veliyev. Adalat Veliyev congratulated the participants on the holiday, spoke about the past and present of the Azerbaijan theatre. Then artists with merit in the field of performing arts were awarded Honorary Diplomas of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and badges "Honoured Worker of Culture."


Awarded with certificates of honor:

  1. People’s Artist Saida Guliyeva (National Theatre)
  2. Honoured Artist Gulsabah Guliyeva (Municipal Theatre)
  3. People's Artist Mabud Maharramov (Russian Drama Theatre)
  4. People's Artist Vagif Asadov (Theatre of the Young Spectator)
  5. Honoured Artist Elvida Jafarov (National Theatre)
  6. Honoured Artist Mehriban Khanlarova (National Theatre)
  7. Honoured Artist Sona Mikayilova (YUG Theatre)
  8. Honoured Artist Novruz Aliyev (Musical Theatre)
  9. Honoured Artist Afgan Soltanov (Municipal Theatre)
  10. Honoured Cultural Worker Hikmet Nabili (Sheki Theatre)
  11. Orchestra Artist Zakir Mizahim oglu Dadashov (Musical Theatre)


Awarded the “Honorary Worker of Culture” badge:

1.Huseynov Elnur Bahramkhan (actor of the Theatre of the Young Spectator)

  1. Samedova Nabat Maharram (production designer of the State Musical Theatre)
  2. Rustamov Nurlan Ibrahim (actor of the Pantomime Theatre)
  3. Gozalova Irada Vagif (chief director of the Ganja State Drama Theatre)
  4. Huseynov Mohsum Turbende (actor of the Sumgayit Theatre)
  5. Badirova Antiga Nasib (chief designer of Ganja State Puppet Theatre)
  6. Mamedov Sakhavat Fazil (Director of Mingachevir State Drama Theatre)
  7. Mamedov Afik Ali (production designer of the Gazakh State Drama Theatre)
  8. Kerimov Azer Kerim (actor of Gakh State Puppet Theatre)
  9. Ahmedova Aynur Ahmed (actress of the Lankaran State Drama Theatre)


After awarding ceremony, Chairman of the Union of Theatre workers, Azer Pasha Nematov, together with the host of the event, Haji Ismayilov, presented the artists with the “Master” medal and Certificates of Honor from the Union.


Honorary members of the Union of Theatre Workers:

  1. People's Artist of the USSR Fidan Gasimova - (Music Academy)
  2. People's Artist of the USSR Farhad Badalbeyli - (Music Academy)


Persons, who were awarded Honorary Diploma:

  1. Honoured Artist Alakbar Aliyev - (Musical Theatre)
  2. Honoured Art Worker Zemfira Gafarova - (Union of Composers)
  3. Honoured Art Worker Rimma Mammadova - (Choreography Academy)
  4. Honoured Art Worker Kamala Agayeva - (playwright)
  5. PhD in Arts Narmina Agayeva - (Academy of Sciences)
  6. PhD in Arts Ilham Gazizade - (Academy of Sciences)
  7. Actress Dilara Farajullayeva - (Theatre of the Young Spectator)
  8. Actor Rza Togrul Musa - (Municipal Theatre)
  9. Actress Gurbanova Zulfiyya Misirkhan - (Municipal Theatre)
  10. Actress Rza Ulviya Gulmammad - (Municipal Theatre)
  11. Actress Mammadova Zulfiyya Nazar - (Municipal Theatre)
  12. Actress Babaeva Nigar Asif - (Municipal Theatre)


People, awarded the “Master” medal:

  1. People’s Artist of the USSR Fidan Gasymova
  2. People’s Artist of the USSR Farhad Badalbeyli
  3. People’s Artist Amalia Panahova - Municipal Theatre
  4. People’s Artist Vagif Asadov - Theatre of the Young Spectator
  5. People’s Artist Maleyka Asadova - National Theatre
  6. People’s Artist Saida Guliyeva - National Theatre
  7. People’s Artist Bakhtiyar Khanyzade - Pantomime Theatre
  8. People’s Artist Mabud Maharramov - Russian Drama Theatre
  9. Honoured Artist Gulsabah Guliyeva - Municipal Theatre
  10. Honoured Artist Afgan Soltanov - Municipal Theatre
  11. Honoured Artist Sonakhanym Mikayilova –YUG Theatre
  12. Honoured Artist Firangiz Babayeva - Municipal Theatre
  13. Honoured Artist Boris F. Grafkin - Musical Theatre
  14. Honoured Art Worker Hafiz Dadashov – Theatre of Young Spectator(currently retired)
  15. Sadig Eljanly - (Azerbaijan State TV Company)
  16. Larisa Tarusova - artistic director of the “Gunay”Children's Theatre