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Events 2010-2014



January 18, 2010

Memorial Day dedicated to the 70th birthday of the Honored Artist Ali Hagverdiyev.

February 22, 2010

Memorial Day of the Honored Artist Firdovsi Naibov.

March 3, 2010   Meeting on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the actress of the Azerbaijan State Puppet Theater Tamilla Bunyatova.
 March 10, 2010 Scientific-practical conference dedicated to the 137th anniversary of the Azerbaijani Theater. 
  April 12, 2010  Meeting dedicated to the 70th anniversary of People's Artist Dzhanali Akbarov. 
 November 8-12, 2010  Baku International Theater Conference.
 November 12-30, 2010 

"Silk Road" stage of the International Chekhov Festival in Baku.

November 12,13,14 - "Aurelia Oratorio"
November 20, 21, 22 - "Wedding".
November 25-30 - "Rain".

 March 10, 2011  Day of the Azerbaijani Theater.
 April 2, 2011   Presentation of the "Of, of, Broadway" play DVD by the Turkish playwright Yakub Almelek in Baku.
 May 20, 2011   Round table on the topic "New time and new thinking in drama" in national theatre.
 Jul 11, 2011   "Lessons from Akhundzade". "On the drama of Akhundzade". Master class by Ali Amirli.
 Jul 29, 2011   "Lessons from Akhundzade". "Building the plot of the play". Master class by Ramiz Fataliev.
 August 3, 2011   "Lessons from Akhundzade". "Unexpected moments in the play". Master class by Ramiz Fataliev.
 October 31, 2011   "Lessons from Akhundzade". "Building a conflict in the plot." Master class by Ali Amirli.
 October 17-18, 2011  Competition of art reading "Mastery of the word above all" dedicated to the memory of the actor, director, master of art reading Hasan Abluj.
 November 21-26, 2011  Opening of the festival of experimental theater "2 + 1".
 November 26, 2011   Closing of the festival of experimental theater "2 + 1".
 November 28, 2011   Round table on festival performances.
 December 16, 2011   "Lessons from Akhundzade". "The plot and dialogues." Master class by Firuz Mustafa.
 March 9, 2012  139th anniversary of the Azerbaijani Theater.
 June 2, 2012   "Before the play ..."Memorial Day of the actor Elkhan Gurbanov.
 Jun 18, 2012   Roundtable on the Youth Theater Forum, which took place on June 5-13, 2012 in Chisinau, Moldova.
 June 23, 2012   "Lessons from Akhundzade". Master class by Natig Rasulzade.
 September 29, 2012   "Lessons from Akhundzade". "Building dialogues in plays". Master class by Azer Pasha Neymatov.
 October 22, 2012   Memorial Day of a Honored Artist, Director Vagif Ibrahimoglu.
 December 10, 2012   Scientific conference dedicated to the 130th anniversary of the playwright Hussein Javid. (Joint event with the H.Javid Museum).
 February 21, 2013   Opening of the directing laboratory at the Union of Theater Workers.
 February 28, 2013   Classes in the directing laboratory.
 March 11,2013   Day of the Azerbaijan Theater. Meeting with veterans of the scene.