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1 March 2019. The II Festival of the Experimental Performances“Filling the empty space” began

1 March  2019

The II Festival of the Experimental Performances“Filling the empty space” began.

 On 1 March, 2019, with the organization of Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan Republic and Union of Theatre Workers of Azerbaijan, there was launched 2ndFestival of Experimental Performances “Filling the empty space”, dedicated to the memory of a prominent director Vagif Ibrahimoglu. The festival, which will be held in different places, will be attended by 10 theatre companies with 18 performances.

Before the opening ceremony, the organizers visited the grave of Vagif Ibrahimoglu. The opening ceremony of the festival took place at the YUG Theatre (Neftchilar Avenue, 36), which was created by Vagif Ibrahimoglu and which he led for many years.

The festival will last 9 days. The performances of the festival will be shown on the stages of the Russian Dramatic Theatre, Union of Theatre Workers , YUG State Theatre, Academic National Drama Theatre and the Theatre of the Young Spectator. The performances will be discussed by the Expert Board, consisting of 16 people. Results will be announced on March 10 - the National TheatreDay.

On the first day of the festival –1 March, the director Gumrah Omar’s performance “The digging grave method” by A. B. Casares was shown at the YUG State Theatre. Author of the translation and dramatization of Gumrah Omar, production designer is Honoured Artist Rashid Sharif, musical design by Ramig Mehdi and Melek Velizade, assistant director Ayten Mammadova. In the performance, the roles are played by Honoured Artists Sonakhanym Mikayilova, Vidadi Hasanov, actors Oktay Mehdiyev and Matanat Abbasly.

The next performance of the YUG Theatre, shown on 1 March, was the “Metamorphosis” performance by S. Hagverdiyeva. The director of the performance is Gunay Sattar, the production designer is Umay Hasanova, the music designer is Amid Gasimov. The roles in the performance are performed by Zumrud Gasimova, Oktay Mehdiyev and Elgun Hamidov.

On the second day of the festival –2 March, the YUG Theatre presented the performance of “Medea. Sequence. 001". The play was staged by Mikayil Mikayilov based on the play by V. Klim. The characters in the show were acted by Honoured artists Sonakhanym Mikayilova and Gulzar Gurbanova. Production designer of the play, staged in the genre of apocryphal confession, is Umay Hasanova, costume designer is Leyla Aliyeva.

The next performance on 2 March was the performance of YUG State Theatre the “Bird's Tongue”. The author of the play is Tarana Vahid, stage director is Abdulgani Aliyev. The roles are played by Gasym Nagy, Natavan Geybani, Tarana Ojagverdiyeva, Elgun Hamidov and Ilaha Mammadzade. The production designer is Umay Hasanova, the musical designer is Amid Gasimov. All the performances presented by the YUG Theatre as part of the festival were shown on their own stage (the building of the Puppet Theatre, Neftchilar Avenue, 36).