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11 December, 2022. The theater festival "National Classics"

11 December, 2022

The theater festival "National Classics" 

On December 11, 2022, on the big stage of the Union of Theater Workers of Azerbaijan, the opening of the theater festival "National Classics" dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the Union of Theater Workers of Azerbaijan took place.

Haji Ismailov, Deputy Chairman, People's Artist, laureate of the State Prize, opened the festival, congratulated theater lovers on the occasion of great art, spoke about the important role of theater festivals in the cultural history of Azerbaijan, noted that 11 theaters and 1 educational institution will present 13 performances at the festival. The Lankaran State Drama Theater joined the festival out of competition. The performances were judged by a jury.
Then Haji Ismayilov gave the floor to the theater critic, Honored Art Worker, Doctor of Philosophy in Art History, Professor Rafig Sadigov. Rafig Sadigov congratulated the theatrical community of the country on the 125th anniversary of the Union of Theater Workers of Azerbaijan, noted the merits of the leadership and employees of the Union to theatrical art, spoke about the importance of the "National Classics". The participants of the event watched a video about the activities of the Union of Theater Workers.
After the opening ceremony, the Agdam State Theater presented Najaf bey Vazirov's performance "Agakarim Khan of Ardabil". The director of the play is Karim Hasanov.
Performance of the Agdam State Drama Theater "Agakarim khan of Ardabil" (Najaf bey Vazirov).
"A Thousand and One Nights" (Fikret Amirov) by the Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre.
Performance of the Gakh State Puppet Theater "Not this one, then this one" (Uzeyir Hajibeyli).
The play "Hijran" ("Separation") (Sabit Rahman) of the Gusar State Lezgi Drama Theater.