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19 December, 2016. The play “Chairs”.

19 December, 2016

The play “Chairs”. 

19 December, 2016 with the organization of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Azerbaijan Republic and the Union of Theatre Workers of Azerbaijan on the stage of Mustafa Mardanov of the Union of Theatre Workers of Azerbaijan, there took place a premiere of the play “Chairs”, staged after the work of Eugene Ionesco.

The work tells about two unhappy people. The heroes of the play, an old man and an old woman, in order to forget about their loneliness and trying to color their unhappy life, come up with a game, inviting imaginary guests to their home every day.

During the performance there are a lot of chairs on the stage, on which no one is sitting. These chairs are not objects, but heroes of the performance.

At the end of the performance, the farewell to these two people, tired of life, and immersion in water was greeted with interest.

The artistic director of the performance is the People’s Artist  Azer Pasha Zafar oglu, the director is Ilkin Mehdiyev. The performance is played by the People’s Artists Hamid Omarov (the Old Woman), Rafig Azimov (the Old Man) and Haji Ismayilov (the Narrator).

The producer of the performance is People’s Artist Rafig Aliyev, stage manager is Zaur Abasov, sound producer is Nazim Karimli, light designer is Alivakhinbaba Mamedgasan, choreographer is Raul Turkkan Aylin.