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Habib Bey Mahmudbeyov

Habib Bey Mahmudbeyov

(1864 - 1928)

Lecturer, graduate of the Alexander Pedagogical Institute.

Habib Bey Mahmudbeyov was born in 1864 in the city of Shamakhi.

In 1883, together with Sultan Majid Ganizade, he went to Tiflis and entered the Alexander Pedagogical Institute. They opened their first private Russian-Muslim school in 1887. It becomes a big event in Azerbaijan and determines the direction of the future development of education. 

Soon the school became popular and in 1891 gained the state support. Subsequently, this type of school became widespread in Azerbaijan.

In 1896, Habib bey Mahmudbeyov, S. Ganizade, I. Melikov and others organized the Russian-Muslim library.

Until the October 1917 revolution, G. Mahmudbeyov was involved in educational activities and took an active part in the preparation and holding of the First Congress of Azerbaijani Teachers (1906) as a member of the school commission of the Baku City Duma.

After establishment of the Soviet government in Azerbaijan (April 28, 1920) G. Mahmudbeyov was an active participant in the development of new directions for the development of public education in the republic. He has merits in the organization of higher pedagogical education in the country.

Habib bey was a big theatre lover. He led the theatre troupe. In 1887, there was observed a revival in the theatre field of Azerbaijan. Unlike the previous period, this time organization was particularly noticeable. Theatrical groups led by Najaf bey Vezirov, Sultan Majid Ganizade, Najafgulu bey Veliyev, Habib bey Mahmudbeyov revived the theatrical process.

Habib bey Mahmudbeyov was a noble and kind person. He helped the orphans and provided them in every possible way. It was Habib bey Mahmudbeyov who caused Huseyn Arablinsky to come into theatre.