Hasanaga Turabov

Hasanaga Turabov

(1938 - 2003)

Outstanding actor of theatre and cinema, People’s Artist of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Laureate of the State Prize. Professor. In 1991-2003, he was the president of the Union of Theatre Workers of Azerbaijan.

Hasanaga Sattar oglu Turabov was born on April 24, 1938 in Baku. In 1960, he graduated from the Azerbaijan Theatre Institute. Since then, he worked as an actor in the Azerbaijan Drama Theatre until his death. He entered the history of the Azerbaijani acting school as one of the founders of the lyrical-psychological style.

This famous actor, who devoted his life to the development of national theatre and cinema, left an indelible mark on the history of art in our country. He created his own way and school, using the traditions of classical and modern acting. Continuing to appreciate the traditions of the Azerbaijani acting school, it has enriched our national theatrical art with colorful and full-fledged images, created thanks to his talent, hard work and high level of culture. Hasanaga Turabov meticulously worked on the images and left in the memory of the audience heroes with all shades of human problems that were constantly in the center of attention of literature. Characters created by the great talent and skill of this actor - Vahid (“Country girl”), Hamlet (“Hamlet”), Lionel (“Forest girl”), Isgender (“Dead people”), Khayyam (“Khayyam”) have always met with deep sympathy and love from theatre lovers.

Hasanaga Turabov was also a good organizer. He worked as director and artistic director of the Azerbaijan Academic National Drama Theatre in 1987–2001, and also served as president of the Union of Theatre Workers of Azerbaijan in 1991–2003. During his leadership, the Academic National Drama Theatre was repaired, several classical and modern works were staged, and the Union of Theatre Workers held numerous theatre festivals and various events. For services to Azerbaijani culture, he was awarded the State Prize of Azerbaijan (1972) and  the title of People’s Artist (1982).

Hasanaga Turabov died on February 23, 2003 in Baku.